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Corporate Design for COOKtastic


Corporate Design


COOKtastic – a freshly founded hospitality hub in Cape Town, South Africa – empowers young, talented people from a disadvantaged background, offering culinary training and job placement support.

We were contacted to help creating the corporate identity for this fantastic venture by an Austrian founding member of COOKtastic. Working closely together with the African members of COOKtastic we developed the logo, colours and fonts as a basis – to be used, expanded and changed by local designers in Cape Town. Building awareness and confidence in their own abilities is key to supporting the disadvantaged youth participating in COOKtastic.

We selected bright colours to reflect a playful attitude and displaced the letters so that „OK“ is visible as part of „COOK“. There is also an alternative for the logo where we premeditated the brand in motion.

The design is not dictated by us but provides a starting point for the ever growing self-confidence of the African team members, encouraging them to make it their own. Using the logo and colours they already developed a flyer and posters. In return we used their designs to develop the new Website. We also helped developing the slogan, creating suggestions and giving feedback.

We look forward to how this exciting project will evolve and hope to visit the team in Cape Town soon.

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