Easter Campaign 2020




Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Design


The Schlögl-Ei Easter Campaign aimed to raise attention and get people to visit the Easter market located in Stoob-Süd. There you could buy a variety of Easter eggs you usually don’t get in the supermarket. As the COVID-Crisis was already raging, we motivated people in lockdown to post pictures of their decorations, made quizzes for brain-jogging and asked them to do creative workout to avoid stir-craziness.

Doing the Bob Ross: “I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.”

With an excellent conversion rate, we were happy to not only visually create but also advertise the campaign on Facebook. For the creatives we used pictures of all the colorfully painted eggs. The backdrop visualizes the egg shell pattern, while the little dot-illustrations show the difference and variety of eggs all together.