Extending the
SAE Corporate Identity


To celebrate the recent move of the SAE Institute Vienna to a new building in Vienna’s first district and underline it’s status as the European flagship campus we were asked to make some additions to the existing global corporate identity.

The logo had to remain the same (of course) as well as the icons and colours of the different departments.


SAE Institue Vienna




Concept & Design

What we did

We suggested introducing a slightly different background colour and a set of textures/patterns to better distinguish between departments.

Furthermore we defined GOLD accents for all designs concerning general announcements spanning all courses. This new universal section got its own pattern too: The COMPASS – guiding students to their new careers.

Combining some of the school’s former colour concepts lead us to the new petrol blue background.

Developing the patterns

We conducted interviews with all head instructors to get their input on how to best represent each department.

Based on these interviews we started sketching, comparing, discussing and refining until everybody was happy and it still all fit together:

  • AUDIO ENGINEERING: inspired by audio meters on mixers
  • WEBDESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: inspired by HTML tags and interwoven to represent interdisciplinary thinking
  • GAME ART & 3D ANIMATION: representing a 3-dimensional room to dive into
  • CROSS MEDIA PRODUCTION: a highly stylized X shape representing different approaches meeting in the middle
  • DIGITAL FILM PRODUCTION: inspired by shutters of film cameras
  • MUSIC BUSINESS: a music record combined with a paragraph sign
  • GAMES PROGRAMMING: a labyrinth underlining the playful character of games
  • VISUAL FX & 3D ANIMATION: an optical illusion that can either be 2- or 3-dimensional

As a first project in the newly adopted identity we designed a print brochure for each department making heavy use of the patterns, mixing them with the original colours and icons.

And then we introduced custom line art designs

To promote special events – like the grand opening of the new campus building – we built on the line art of the patterns and created custom designs for each occasion.

The art works are also used on facilities inside the building like the vending machine in the student lounge.

So far we used the new coporate identity to create:

  • Brochures for all 8 departments
  • Business cards for the administrative staff and all head instructors
  • Stationary
  • Invitations, flyer and digital creatives for the Grand Opening, Open House and „Karriere-Tage“ events
  • Branding for 3 vending machines
  • E-mail signatures for all staff members and departments
  • Banner advertisment for the building
  • Ads for the student’s calendar
  • Students voucher for trial courses
  • Stamp for the administrations office