Art Direction:
Ströck Ofenfrische




Art Direction


The brochure „Ofenfrische“ is published monthly and shows the hottest stuff of the month. With the list of delicious Ströck products, we decide how to show them best and saisonal: set in a garden party or on a festively decoreated table – every edition has it’s own topic. We buy plates, pots, cuttlery and all the details needed to get the best shot out of it. Photographer Lukas Lorenz sets it all together and flash – the bread, snacks and sweets are presented as they are: delish! Back in Photoshop and InDesign we put everything together and the hot stuff goes to where it’s sold: directly to every of over 70 Ströck shops.


Every project is a team effort and we were very happy to work on this together with:

Lukas Lorenz (Photography & Food Design)

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Photos ©Lukas Lorenz