Packaging Design
Opernball Krapfen 2019

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Idea & Concept
Packaging Design


Every project is a team effort and we were very happy to work on this together with:

Lukas Lorenz (Photography & Food Design)


We designed the packaging of the good-bye gift for the Opernball, a world famous gala taking place in Vienna’s State Opera house.

It is an Austrian tradition to call out „Alles Walzer!“* after the introductory dance to get all guests on the floor for the first waltz. As the goodie, sponsored by Ströck, consists of three Krapfen**, we designed the packaging to depict the Krapfen as music notes, of course a famous waltz.

We hope the Opernball guests will enjoy the delicious Austrian doughnuts: Alles Krapfen!


*Alles Walzer: „Everybody waltz!“
**Krapfen: Austrian doughnut filled with jam