Fresh branding:
Venuss – Bistro & Take Away


2019 / 2020


Re-Design & Branding


Every project is a team effort and we were very happy to work on this together with:

Himmelhoch (Project Management & PR)

Caroline Seidler & Blagovesta Bakardjieva (Illustration)


Venuss, a delicious vegan restaurant based in Vienna, approached us to update and streamline their design using the existing logo and to create a recognizable branding to be used on shop fronts, menu boards, take-away dishes & cups, etc.

original logo

After several workshops with the client we commissioned several illustrations to represent the tasty local ingredients used to compose the fabulous dishes.

We highlighted the hidden Smiley by rotating her and giving her a voice when used with a slogan.

The Smiley is also used as a background pattern to emphasize the shape and establish it as an icon.