Photo © Stefan Gergely

How to capture the spirit of


on four walls?


In close collaboration with the SAE Institue Vienna we began the design process by mapping out the moods Bilderbuch’s music invoke and setting them in relation to the guiding keywords “music”, “visuals” and “vibe”.


Based on the resulting mind map we defined the colour palette to transport our concept:

An exaggerated mix of crazy colours embodying the deliberate absurdity of the music.

Pattern & Decor

Supporting the fractured humor of the lyrics as well as the edginess of the band we decided on using a colourful polygonal pattern and combine it with funky glittering decor.


The selected artworks further underline the bantering mood of the rooms.

How it turned out:

Photos © Stefan Gergely

Room Facts "Apollo Studio"

  • Small production studio with large recording space.
  • Based on the „home studio“ principle: Front end design is done digitally, the outboard equipment can be integrated for editing during recording.
  • Digital controls simplify the work process in combination with the software.
  • The recording space is suited for complex arrangements with drum sets or brass instruments.

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