Photo © Stefan Gergely

How to capture the spirit of

Romy Schneider

on four walls?


In close collaboration with the SAE Institue Vienna we began the design process by mapping out ideas about Romy Schneiders’s publicly perceived personality and setting them in relation to the guiding keywords “person”, “visuals” and “vibe”.


Based on the resulting mind map we defined the pattern to transport our concept:

Thinking back on Sunday afternoons at grandmother’s – watching Romy Schneider movies on an old TV in the living room – we decided on creating a pattern evoking that special memory of a 60s wallpaper.


In spirit with our idea to honor Romy’s acting achievements we put several hints to her movies inside pictures of old TVs.

Can you guess the movies?

How it turned out:

Photos © Stefan Gergely

Room facts "Mixing cinema"

  • Professional cinema control room for movie and game production in stereo and surround sound.
  • The heart of the studio is the digital surround controller and mixer Avid S6.
  • Dolby-Atmos-compatible 7.2.4 monitoring from Neumann: 7 conventional surround speakers at ear level, 2 subwoofer and 4 ceiling speakers to position sound sources vertically.
  • The monitoring is controlled by a Fraunhofersystem.
  • 80“ colour grading screen from Sony.
  • Cinema seating is provided for previews and screening purposes.

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