Photo © Stefan Gergely

How to capture the spirit of


on four walls?


In close collaboration with the SAE Institue Vienna we began the design process by mapping out ideas about Falco’s publicly perceived personality and setting them in relation to the guiding keywords “music”, “visuals” and “vibe”.


Based on the resulting mind map we defined the colour palette to transport our concept:

A potent black & white contrast with deep red accents indicating a torn personality bordering on excess.


While creating the patterns, we let several ideas guide our hand – incorporating the letter “F” into staccato-like structures reminiscent of prison bars as well as adapting a usually happy-go-lucky 80s design into a bleak black & white pattern.

How it turned out:

Photos © Stefan Gergely

Room Facts "SSL Studio"

  • Post-production studio with SSL hybrid mixer allowing for analogue and digital editing.
  • The highlight is the extensiv analogue outboard equipment from SSL and other well-known manufacturers.
  • Its main use is the last step of music production (mixing & mastering).
  • Professional monitoring is possible thanks to high quality monitor speakers from Abhöre.

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