Photo © Stefan Gergely

How to capture the spirit of

Kruder & Dorfmeister

on four walls?


In close collaboration with the SAE Institue Vienna we began the design process by mapping out the moods Kruder & Dorfmeister’s music invoke and setting them in relation to the guiding keywords “music”, “visuals” and “vibe”.


Based on the resulting mind map we defined the colour palette to transport our concept:

Subdued warm colours to suit the relaxing mood you’re in watching a sunset while drinking your after work cocktail.

Pattern & Artworks

The concentric pattern is inspired by the calming sound of waves as well as the sunset mentioned above, while the selected artworks induce the feeling of a late evening at the local jazz lounge.

How it turned out:

Photos © Stefan Gergely

Room facts "Toft Studio"

  • Small production studio for recording and post-production.
  • Get started in music production with an analogue sound mixer and outboard equipment.
  • The adjoining recording space is suitable for voice and instruments as well as small percussion setups and foley for movies and games.

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